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Cake Policy

Cake Pickup Form

For customers who intend to pick up their custom wedding or specialty cake

Important instructions for preparing your car and delivering your cake

► Plan your delivery time to coincide with the last hour before the event begins.

► The best way to transport a custom cake is either in the back of a van or SUV or in the trunk of a car

whose back seats fold down so the air can flow through. If none of those options are available, it is

possible to transport a smaller sized cake in the foot well of a car, however this is a last resort due to the

potential for sun exposure.

► Please prepare the back (of van or SUV) or trunk of your vehicle in advance of picking up the cake by

clearing out any loose objects and vacuuming/shaking out any debris.

► On warm days, it is imperative that your vehicle have a working cooling unit (air conditioning). Please

run it in advance of your pickup until the car’s interior is cool.

► Pets inside of the car during a cake transport is strongly discouraged.

► Please adhere to the agreed-upon pickup time.

► Upon arrival at the event venue, be sure to set up the cake in a cool display area away from sunlight

(and away from anywhere sunlight might move) without delay.


Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 14 days notice to receive your deposit back. 

Order Changes

All changes must be made with 7 days notice or more. To make changes you must call or walk-in to the shop.

Cake Pickup Disclaimer

When your order leaves the store any damages or discrepancies become the customer’s responsibility. If you send someone else to pick-up your order, this becomes their responsibility. If someone else is picking up your order, they should know what they are picking up and should make sure they leave with the complete order. Inspections are the customer’s responsibility prior to leaving the shop.

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